The Girl is Ga Ga!

Lady Ga Ga

Cherry Cherry, Boom Boom, Ga Ga… Not sure what that means?

Well nor do I really, but it sounds blooming cool in the new video of Lady Ga Ga for the single Eh Eh Eh (Nothing More I Can Say) off her fantastic debut album The Fame. This single is rumored, to only be being released in Australia and in the UK and US the sexy Love Game will be hitting the charts instead, however my other sources have suggested Eh Eh Eh.. being released in June time, so watch this space.

Taking over the world one sequin at a time, Lady Ga Ga has hit the music scene with all the force her disco stick will allow. The 21 year old singer, real name Joanne Stefani Germanotta, had her Grammy nominated debut single Just Dance hit number one in the UK Charts on 17th January. It stayed there for an impressive 3 weeks, toppling the Christmas number one and X-Factor winner Alexandra Burke. That same night kitted out in hot pants and a silver Xena-esque breast plate, Lady Ga Ga stormed the stage at G-A-Y Heaven; I was lucky enough to be there. (Even if I did nearly get in a fight trying to keep my spot at the front, resulting in me being very bruised and squashed like a gay sardine in a big gay tin.)

Her performance style is a mix of theatrical bedazzlement with hunky, leather clad dancers straight of the street of New York and a display of overall electro-retro-chic; her inspiration from artists such as David Bowie and Queen (and their hit Radio Ga Ga) is very obvious and crucial to her successful pastiche.

At her performance at G-A-Y she played, alongside the music, a series of short films coined The Haus of Ga Ga, which introduced and inter weaved an Andy Warhol inspired self-realization of fame into her show. This post-modern Queen of Camp and Glitter had the crowd gyrating with admiration for her pretentiousness and were excited to be in her presence. The connection and interaction with the audience that she presented mimicked the proven successful styles of pint-sized Kylie and the unstoppable Madonna, who both play characters through the use of themes and costume, enhancing their elaborate performances. Knowing her audience, in this case the gays, Lady Ga Ga took the role of the Fag Hag Queen adorning herself with sticky back plastic clothing, Amazonian armor and inviting the press up on stage with her to be integrated as part of her performance.

In her new video for Eh Eh Eh…, Lady Ga Ga has adopted a stylish and softly coloured 50’s theme. Her blonde, sugar coated presence is paralleled by the same strong, unique voice and colloquial, catchy lyrics. This time with a girl-next-door exterior, she helplessly seduces the viewer with big innocent bows in her hair, femme-fatale bedroom poses and fashionable, provocative clothing. Playing the part of a typical down-tempo ‘safe’ single, in comparison to her brash and sparkling dance floor hits, Lady Ga Ga is showing her diversity as a performer and singer. The gentle smooth song is very much a chilled summer hit.

It wouldn’t be a number one I don’t think, whereas the urban, sexier and dirtier Love Game might be able to scope the top spot; a video with thrusting pelvises on the underground escalators defiantly does it for me!

Lady Ga Ga keeps a regular video blog on her website and has a huge media fan base. However I feel her main audience is a niche of teenage girls, trendy Wendy’s, fag hags and homosexuals…. However when listed like that, ‘niche’ isn’t the right word; these people are in fact some of the leading consumers in our cosmopolitan society!

Another of her singles Beautiful, Dirty, Rich has currently been used in the adverts for the new series of 90210 on E4; like the kids on the show, she comes from a very privileged background (she went to the same school as Paris Hilton) and evidently knows how to play the role of a sweet sixteen Daddy’s girl. Yet her confident sassy exterior and statements like, “Pop music will never be low brow,” make her stand out as an individual and mould-breaker. Lady Ga Ga’s unique fashion sense and diverse range of songs make her bit for a gem in the music scene and she shouldn’t be underestimated.

“I’m your biggest fan; I’ll follow you until you love me, papa-paparazzi!”


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