BBC Blast Creative Traineeship

So, Friday I got to spend the day at the BBC. After signing in at Wood Lane Television Studios London and learning a few names and common interests in the waiting area, as well as being extremely surprised about how small the world is (forget 6 degrees of separation, make it 3!) I and the other lucky Trainees had our induction day in the CBBC offices.

Upon arrival we had our Polaroid photos taken and we greeted with big open arms from the BBC Staff and some of last years trainees in a funky room filled with toys and gadgets.

After a few  hot cups of tea, nervous giggles and the compulsory questions about ‘whats you name? where do you come from? what do you do?’  we were introduced the the BBC Creative Traineeship Programme which will be taking over our lives for the next 3 months. The fellow participants were covering various departments such as BBC Three, Radio 1Xtra, BBC Asian Network and Sportsround. I am working with BBC Blast On Tour.

BBC Blast offeres people between 13 and 19 the opportunity to have a go at new creative skills, showcase their own work and find out more about working in the creative and media industries. Blast is all about inspiring young people, giving them confidence and creative.

From April to November BBC Blast offeres hundreds of free creative workshops across the UK.  From Film-making to fashion, graffitti to gaming – if it’s creative, we’ve got it and industry professinals to collaborate with.

I am working on projects being run in Victoria Park, Hackey, London on 11th – 12th July and at Kirkstall Abbey, Leeds on the 19th – 20th August.

On the induction day we went to the Blue Peter Garden and had a play around with some fancy dress costumes representing where we wanted to be in 10 years time. This mock photoshoot was very fun and broke the ice by being a bit silly. Then we moved on to practicing and learning how to use the equipment for voxpops and after that some camera work.

This highly rewarding day has opened my eyes to the possibility that a career in the television industry is within my grasp. I have for so long suppressed my passion for the arts and becoming a television presenter in order to focus on my university studies and a more solid career in PR and Marketing. Although PR is still a huge passion of mine and something I think I’m good at, television presenting is a dream of mine and something I think I would be bloody brilliant at.

Being at CBBC and in the Blue Peter garden was surreal and fulfilled my childhood fantasy. The burning passion to succed and achieve this reachable ambition has flooded over me and has now become my main focus for the next few months.

The way I think about it, PR, Events and Marketing will always be there; the solid skills I have learned will never go. This BBC door that has opened needs my full attention and I need to jumped through with both feet. This is it. This is the opportunity I have always wanted, so I am going to make the absolute most of it!

I worked with BBC Blast On Tour in Southampton last summer and enjoyed every moment of it. This year is going to be bigger and better and Norther, and I am going to try and shine as bright as the sun!

Wish me luck!


2 thoughts on “BBC Blast Creative Traineeship

  1. I am going in for my training today tomorrow with Blast online… nervously excited and don’t know what to expect… nice to read this post! I hope I get to go to the Blue Peter garden!

    • You’ll have a Blast! (Pardon the pun)
      It’s a great experience and make the most of every opportunity!!
      Feel free to drop me an email if you have an questions.

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