Today I achieved… Nothing.

TEN random things about me:

1. I want to be a Blue Peter Presenter.

2. I like eating peanut butter out of the jar, but only eat it by licking the back of my spoon

3. I thrust. A lot.

4. I spend way too much money on music.

5. I like dressing up. Costumes are fun.

6. I want something pierced, but am too indecisive and think it’s a bit pricey!

7. I am an EXCELLENT chef and I love cooking. Thanks John Julian et al.

8. Admittedly I live in Southampton, but am a Winchester boy at heart

9. I sometimes sleep walk and do OCD things like rearrange the pots and pans into size order.

10. I collect Power Ranger Megazords and still love Buffy.

NINE ways to win my heart

1. Be spontaneous.

2. Always be positive.

3. Be Filthy. I love naughtiness and innuendo.

4. Compliment my appearance.

5. Be creative and ambitious.

6. Join in with me when I start randomly dancing, no matter wherever we are. I love it, you should too.

7. Get on with my friends.

8. Like going out and seeing new things.

9. Cook for me

EIGHT things I want to do before I die:

1. Trek to across Asia

2. Visit the rainforest

3. Be Famous.

4. Do something to really help people.

5. Choreograph for Kylie!

6. Write a novel.

7. Perform on the West End Stage

SEVEN things that annoy me:

1. People who don’t take care of their appearance.

2. Not being polite and respectful to other people, its just ill-manners and bad up bringing

3. False people who talk bollocks.

4. Music snobs.

5. The BNP.

6. Naive and ill-informed narrow minded people.

7. The fact doing a dissertation has now made me fat.

SIX things that REALLY turn me on:

1. Garlic salted, cooked in goose fat – Roast Potatoes.

2. Musicians.

3. Eye contact.

4. Period Dramas. Rome, The Tudors, etc.

5. HSM and Zac Efron.

6. Hairy chest.

FIVE things I’m scared of:

1. Spiders.

2. Not being able to speak to my Mum and Dad.

3. Loneliness.

4. Not being accepted.

5. Failure.

FOUR of my favourite things:

1. My health.

2. My family.

3. My music.

4. My boy.

THREE things I do everyday:

1. Shower.

2. Text Shaun.

3. Remember Jason.

TWO things I want right now:

1. To be offered an AMAZING job.

2. My mum’s Sunday Roast.

One thing I’m doing tomorrow:

1. Sing. Lots.


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