All of society’s failings epitomised by this Norwegian bint!

What a load of tripe!

Linni Meister, the hugely talentless 24 year old norwegian  Big Brother Z-lister, glamour model-come-“singer” (Katie Price anyone?) is guilty of this horrendous song.

With a chorus like, “take a long good look at my ass, how long do you think you’ll last?” Her self degrading and cliche playboy bunny image epitomises everything I despise about the media industry. I’ll hold my hands up and agree, sex sells and I am no prude or hypocrite;  David Gandy can stroll around in speedos as much as he wants if it’ll sell products. (It works: I have 12 bottle of Dolce & Gabbana aftershave thanks to him!) However the image and message she portrays is that for young women to be successful or noticed is to take on a dumb easy blonde image and get your ass out for male consumers. Her low self-esteem mixed in with her huge ego is dangerous.

I’m no feminist, evidently, and although my argument could be used against other artists such as the Pussy Cat Dolls or The Saturdays who are often scantily clad and thrust repetitively, the point I’d raise back is that there is difference to between being sexy and being slutty, just as there is a difference between being suggestive or seductive compared to Linni’s cheap blatant eroticism and unnecessary nudity.

She markets herself, her image and desperation for fame, the music is a by product. This ridiculous 90’s sounding, europop consists of no musical talent or singing ability, she can barely speak the English words coherently, let along “sing.”


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