Roehampton University Summer Ball 2009


What an amazing day. Roehampton Uni hosts the longest Summer ball of all the British universities. It begins as around midday and goes on untill 5am!At 4.45am there is a huge Survivors photo taken from the room of Grove House for all those who have lasted till the early hours!

During the day are acts on stage, such as comedians and bands, as well as wandering magiciams and a fun fair. The highlight however has to be the delicious hog roast!

This evening we were greeted with a fantastic line up including The Zutons and the Sugababes! OMFG! Both acts were phenomenal!

I have always been a huge fan of the Sugababes, I don’t dislike a single one of their songs. In fact I love most of them. Luckily for me they performed the majority of their back catalogue to superb perfection, including the hits “Push the Button” and “Hole in the Head”. As a special treat they also covered En Vogues hit “Don’t Let Go”, which was immense!

The girls’ stage prescence, enthusism and joy of what they were doing encouraged the audience to respond well and cheered in pleasure throughout their performance.


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