I’m part of the Digital Crew…

If only Mr Brown my old ICT teacher could see me now. I used to be hopeless with technology and computers.

I am, like most students, of an age group where social networking seems just second nature. Firstly we had the MySpace craze. It changed the way we interacted, socialised and more importantly the music we listened to helped us find groups in which to belong to. As times changed we then moved onto Facebook.

At University Facebook taught us a new array of skills: how to brag about your achievements and not feel guilty, how to spy on old school friends and check out potential new boyfriends, how to event manage and host a successful party/campaign, organise our social lives and most of all it taught us how to time manage – and I think we now all know we are rubbish at it!

However when I started my new job as an Account Assistant at Cake -(PR accounts, not money accounts) I showed a knowledge for all things networky and social so found myself being invited as a honorary member of the Digital Team.

What does Digital PR mean?

Well, I’m not going to tell you!

Who thought the skills I have picked up from all those times NOT being in lectures could have infact been teaching me the basics for my new job is, well, exciting. I would have never classed myself as a whizz on computers, but now I feel like I am able to contribute something new and exciting to this amazing company I work for.

As the rest of the workforce learn how to update statuses, retweet and seed to bloggers in order to boost their brand value, I currently am able to help the digital team immerse our PR accounts into the wider range of opportunities social networking possesses and maintain an interactive and accessible presence.

I currently look after Motorola Europe of facebook (a HUGE global account for Cake) and am the face of Magners Cider on both twitter and facebook

Add/Follow/RT me!

Things are changing for PR. Online PR is crucial for any projects success. This is the age of the Bloggers. Those once classed as geeks and social inept are now needed more than ever. I salute you and wish to learn your advanced ways!


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