IT’S SIG-MUTT FREUD! Gives Puzzled Pooches – and Their Owners – A Helping Hand This Bonfire Night

The whizzes and bangs of Bonfire Night make for a merry time for man, but a baffling one for his best friend. According to the RSPCA, up to 45% of dogs in the UK show fearful behaviour when they hear fireworks – potentially affecting up to three million dogs this Guy Fawkes night and saddling owners with costly trips to the vet, and spiraling insurance premiums. has therefore teamed up with top Dog Trainer Steve Mann to offer some extra-special therapy for muddled mutts this bonfire night.
Steve – star of Living TV’s The Underdog Show – has joined up with to offer a unique therapy class at his celebrated school in Hertfordshire to help calm confused canines. The special session includes the use of sound CDs to achieve desensitization as well as counter-conditioning of the emotional response to fireworks. Dog massage and the use of special pheromone diffusers, herbs and Rescue Remedy, are all on the menu at his Alpha Dog Training School near Enfield.
Steve explains: “Here at our school we’re used to offering owners and their pets a whole range of classes designed to help them cope with the stresses and strains of modern life.
Firework night can be one of the most difficult nights of the year for dogs, and many owners don’t realize the effect that the constant bangs and crashes can have on their poor pooches.
Just as us humans need help through the stresses and strains of our lives, so dogs can be calmed with some extra-special help from the School of Dog Therapy, to see them through a bewildering Bonfire Night.”
Darren Black, head of pet insurance at comments: “Fireworks Night is a lot of fun, but it’s easy to forget the effect it can have on our pets – and subsequently our pockets. We’re expecting a significant rise in the number of customer enquiries into the best pet insurance deals, as owners start to think about the potential effects on their beloved pets this November 5th. We hope that by both teaming up with Steve, and helping them to find the best deal on their pet insurance, we can keen both man and dog happy this year, making sure the night goes off with a bang!”
For further information on Bonfire Night Therapy for dogs, interviews with Steve Mann, or images please contact Emily Sharman or Dan Lambden at the Press Office at Cake on 0207 307 3100 /

Notes to Editors

About Alpha Dog Training School

Alpha Dog Training School develops the bond between the owner and dog, which makes training a pleasure for both. All ages and experience are catered for in an safe outdoor realistic environment, which assists you to transfer your new skills into real life. Classes are held in Hertfordshire and London, weekday mornings, evenings, Saturdays and Sundays. For further information call 01707 263 836 or email

About is one of the UK’s biggest and most popular price comparison services. Launched in 2002, it generates over one million quotes per month. It has expanded its range of comparison products over the last couple of years to include home insurance, travel insurance, pet insurance, van insurance, motorbike insurance, breakdown cover and energy, as well as financial services products including credit cards, loans, mortgages and life insurance. is not a supplier, insurance company or broker. It provides a free, objective and unbiased comparison service. By using cutting-edge technology, it has developed a series of intelligent web-based solutions that evaluate a number of risk factors to help customers with their decision-making, subsequently finding them great deals on a wide-range of insurance products, financial services, utilities and more.’s service is based on the most up-to-date information provided by UK suppliers and industry regulators. is owned by the Admiral Group plc. Admiral listed on the London Stock Exchange in September 2004. is regulated by the FSA.

Tips from the RSPCA for keeping dogs safe on Bonfire Night:
•    If you are using fireworks at any kind of celebration, use lower-noise fireworks as they will reduce any stress caused to animals. Alert other pet owners or farmers in your area if you are planning on letting off fireworks at your home.
•    Firework debris and litter can harm animals so pick it all up after if has cooled down and dispose of it safely.
•    Keep all cats and dogs indoors while any bonfire is alight
•    During firework season, at nightfall, close all windows and curtains and put on music to mask or muffle the fireworks sounds.
•    Try to ignore your pet if they do show any signs of fear unless there is an imminent danger such as a potential to self-harm.
•    Do not get angry or shout at your pet as this may make them think that there is something to be afraid of.
•    Do not fuss them or try and reassure them when your pet is frightened.
•    Make sure your pet is kept in a secure environment at all times so they cannot escape if they bolt in reaction to a loud noise.
•    Consider having your pet microchipped so you have a much greater chance of ensuring a safe return with your pet if they do escape.
•    Exercise your dog during daylight hours and never take them for a walk when fireworks are being let off
•    If you know another dog who is not afraid of fireworks and gets on well with your dog, encourage them to spend some time together during the evenings as it may help to teach your dog that there is nothing to be afraid of.


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