New Years Resolutions

This blog post does what is says on the tin.

I have gone for the classic ‘list’ format commonly used by makes of resolutions during this annual event, and I shall also include standard photo inserts for added emphasis and exploration. So, let me begin…

1. Extra Curricular Activities.

I have been very swamped by my job in the past few months, and though I do enjoy it, I need to spend less of my own time in Cake-mode. Therefore I am looking at new hobbies to take up. My housemate, Annie, is knitting mad and has taken up an embroidery class… fear not, i won’t be picking up knitting needles anytime soon. I am opting for a Contemporary Dance class at The Place (London School of Contemporary Dance) near Euston. Classes are at 6.30pm, so if I leave the office promptly on a Thursday I will make the class. The term ‘Extra Curricular’ is also code for get fitter. Thus by dancing again I will be de-stressing, clearing my head, being creative and exercising. I have chosen to go to a Level 1 Release class; I used to be a really strong dancer. I loved release and contact improvisation,  however that was a few years ago and to prevent injury from me reliving the day of being able to flip and somersault, I am starting from scratch again.

Another activity I am looking into is a choir. I’d love to be singing again. I know I am not the best, but it is good fun and good banter. I also think it will help improve my public speaking and pronunciation. I have a habit of getting over excited when I am talking on the phone and sometimes get my words all in the wrong order, which can be embarrassing.

2. Cut down on junk food.

I’m not going to say ‘eat healthily’ as I think I do usually eat quite well. However I am absolutely addicted to KFC and can easily have a sneaky one after work, then again on a drunken night out. I need t lower my intake of horrible friend foods! This will also greatly help the ‘getting fit’ aspect of my 2010 regime.

3. Date a Celebrity.

Shallow, I know. In the last few months there has been a lot of turmoil in my love life. I have lost a lot of self confidence and learning to trust myself a bit more, let me hair down and have fun. I reckon dating someone famous would be good fun for various reasons:

A. To brag to my mates. (My best mate Abi will get so cross and fed up with me!)

B. Make my ex jealous and make him regret dumping me for someone else. (I’m not bitter.)

C. To go to parties, premieres and award shows and wear nice expensive clothes.

D. To sell the story to heat magazine, then the wedding pics to OK, appear in a reality TV show, win it and become a TV presenter… I’m not asking for much am I?

Below are some suitable candidates:

So these are my 3. There are lots of other things I want to do like visit my friends more, be tidier, blog more regularly, do more reading and of course get promoted at work. But if I stick to these three for now, I’ll be a happy chap by the end of 2010!


2 thoughts on “New Years Resolutions

  1. What’s a release class? Sounds curious. And don’t knock knitting, I’m working on my first ratty-looking pair of socks at the moment. They’re kind of horrific, but loved.

  2. Haha, release is a style of contemporary dance. It’s all about the fluidity and dynamics of the body.
    Worst comes to worst, you can make them into sock monkeys?
    A sock monkeys is for life, not just the answer to a knitting fuck up!

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