There’s no need to be over all this Bubble Wrap!

After a brief night’s sleep at Worcester’s answer to Fawlty Towers, the Cake & team headed to Somerville Road at the perky time of 6.30am and what a sight we did see…. Bubble Wrap-tastic!

It's a (bubble) wrap!

Somerville Road had been transformed into a Lok’n’Store dream! Everything from trees, cars, door mats and milk bottles had been given a nice layer of protective bubble wrap – why, may you ask?

‘Accident Avenue,’ looked like a playground for any bubble wrap popping addicts and a haven for destressing, but there is actually a very serious messge behind it all; here comes the press releasey bit.

To help highlight the rise in motor insurance claims during the recent bad weather, covered thstreet in Worcester in bubble wrap. The price comparison website identified Somerville Road in Worcester as having one of the highest numbers of car insurance claims in the UK in the last five years.

By bubble wrapping the streets contents we hope that the residents are able to avoid any further accident’s and claims to their insurance premiums!

This fun stunt took a total of 8 men 12 hours to build. Watch how we did it on this video:

The day was long, but very rewarding. With some lovely accomodating residents, ‘friendly’ local media, Simon Moore’s outrageous wit, sausage sandwich runs, numb feet (Converse trainers at -1 degres is a school boy error), Clive Little in a very small coat and my Account Director and Confused client comparing new boots – spirits were kept high and all went well.

For top tips from on how to keep safe on the roads, and make sure you’re fully covered, visit

Gnome place like home

Accident Avenue

Learnings for this stunt: Dress appropriately. I know I can be vain and PRy at times and not to make a generalised statement, but the North is cold… well I know I was in the Midlands, and it’s north of me, but yes my god it’s cold. What you’d wear in London and just about avoid frostbite will be UTTERLY USELESS once yo step off that Great Western Train!

This has been another great Cake moment, which I am really proud to have been a part of and played a part in (even if at times it was only standing in the cold in the silence telling off trigger happy photographers!)

The rest of the Confused team back at Cake HQ did an amazing job and nailed some fantastic coverage.

All that can be left to say is always expect the unexpected at Cake, this is no ordinary 9 -5 office job – right, team night out anyone?


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