@DannyBlahBlah – Twitter DJ

If you’ve been following my twitter recently you may have noticed a few new features I am introducing. In an attempt to relive some of my DJing days I am initiating myself as a ‘Twitter DJ.’

The idea is that I recommend tunes that I like and want to share with you all. I have chosen two catagories at key times of my working day in which the right track can really help.

At 10.30am I will be revealing #MyMidMorningRockOut – working as an assistant on a busy PR floor it sometimes feels like I am running around with newspapers flying everywhere. It reminds me of my teenage days of mosh pits and the care-free rebellious attitude I had. To bring a bit of that sanity back when things are hectic I will be suggesting a good old tune to sing-a-long to in rage or head bang with joy.

Later in the afternoon, once lunch has settled and motivation is sagging I will reveal #My3pmTrashRecord featuring the grand fromage of awful pop songs that we hate to admit we love. Hopefully these tracks will put a smile on your face or at least make you cringe at their multicoloured dance routines – either way I hope it’ll be a great pick me up!

Here are last weeks tunes:

March 18th

#MyMidMorningRockOut Simple Plan – Addicted http://ow.ly/1nyez I kind of miss wearing sweatbands as a genuine ‘fashion’ accessory…

#My3pmTrashRecord Billie Piper – Honey to the Bee http://ow.ly/1nylH From popstar to Doctor Who’s assistant to hooker. I WANT HER CAREER!

March 17th

Today #My3pmTrashRecord is Friday Hill (the ones we recognise from Blazin’ Squad) with Baby Goodbye – http://ow.ly/1nlJ9

March 16th

#My3pmTrashRecord SClub7 – Natural http://bit.ly/71gjH7

If you’d like to suggest a track please feel free to tweet/email me!

Stay tuned next week folks!


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