@DannyBlahBlah – Twitter DJ – Week 2

So week 2 of my Twitter DJ experiment has passed. I’ve had a few retweets and comments. Not as many as I had hoped for, but it’s still in it’s early stages. Lets see what tunes I picked out last week…

March 22nd

#MyMidMorningRockOut It doesn’t get much better than System Of A Down – Chop Suey http://ow.ly/1nz5S Perfect for a Monday morning eh?!

#My3pmTrashRecord is one of my personal all time favourite #gay anthems… Adam Rickitt – I Breathe Again http://ow.ly/1nzaz

March 23rd

#MyMidMorningRockOut Get your heads banging to The Lost Prophets – Burn Burn http://ow.ly/1nzeA

#My3pmTrashRecord Mandy Moore – Candy http://ow.ly/1nznC She looked so innocent, but we all knew, like Britney, that she was probably a slag

March 24th

#MyMidMorningRockOut Papa Roach – Last Resort http://ow.ly/1nzuE Such an amazing tune! Makes me feel 13 again!

#My3pmTrashRecord is a right GEM! B*Witched – Jesse Hold On http://ow.ly/1nzz3 Oriental-Gaelic- Gyspy-Double Denim & Tango Tan. I LOVE IT!

March 25th

#MyMidMorningRockOut is with Alien Ant Farm – Movies http://ow.ly/1nzHf

#My3pmTrashRecord Holly Valance – Down Boy http://ow.ly/1nzEk

March 26th

#MyMidMorningRockOut is with Fountains of Wayne – Stacy’s Mom http://ow.ly/1nzJz Getting that Friday feeling yet? Then sing-a-long!

#My3pmTrashRecord When Steps broke up it wasn’t over for H&Claire – DJ http://ow.ly/1nzOe Hasn’t your Friday just got that bit better now!

Thanks for reading and hopefully singing and dancing a long!


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