Save BBC Blast!

BBC Blast is a unique service that gives young people around the UK a taste of the creative industries. It reaches out to teenagers from all communities and gives them a chance to participate in creative projects and offers work placements. You can see some of the brilliant work at the Blast website (

It is a service under threat from the BBC’s Strategic Review.

Blast’s value is measured in impact not numbers: it does something unique by taking the BBC to young people and empowering them to be creative.

If you care about Blast, the opportunities it offers young people and the service it represents from the BBC then please tell the BBC Trust how you feel. You can add you thoughts at the consultation site:

There’s a petition here:

And a twitter here:

Please, tell your friends and if you’ve participated in a Blast project, tell us what it meant you. Unlike the other BBC services under threat, Blast does not have millions of users so we need to make some noise!

I first got into BBC Blast as work experience for Blast on Tour in Southampton back in the summer of 2008. I had just finished my second year at university and planing to spend my summer doing work experience to help me decide what career I wanted. I had a excellent time learning about events and art management and working with local young people and realised that’s what I wanted to do after university.

This encouraged me to apply for the Creative Traineeship in 2009, which I was very lucky to be invited to be a part of. Upon graduating from University, I begun working at the BBC Media Center in London on the Blast events in Newham.

I got to help produce 3 music videos with rapper Bashy and director Emil Nava, organise and run several workshops at New Vic College, interview theatre director Che Walker and award winning music video director Jake Nava live on stage at The Mayors Newham Show. I also took part in Radio 1 Sunday Surgery discussions and got to visit Stratford-Upon-Avon with Akala as part of the Hip Hop Shakespeare project.

The BBC is not simply a forum for television and radio. Experiential outreach events are vital in engahing the often forgotten teenage audience and provides chances to learn new skills, hobbies, confidence and make friends.

I worked with many shy and disadvantaged young people and saw the hope and ambition the BBC Blast workshops provided.

BBC Blast has offered me a huge amount of focus, direction and invaluable experince which has helped me get achieve my dream job.

I feel very fortunate to have been offered a traineeship with Blast and was able to learn so many new creative and practical skills, produce some excellent content, plus give back so much to the local community and make some fantatsic friends. To think amazing experiences and opportunites like the ones on offer from Blast, will not be continue for young people in the UK is appauling!

I urge all of you to please sign the petition.


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