We’re a confused nation. FACT.

We’re a country close to breaking point, with the UK admitting that too much choice is leaving them incapable of making decisions. The ‘Confused Nation’ report developed by the University of Bristol and Confused.com investigates just how confusing modern society has become.

Our first article from the report reveals almost half of the UK:

* Feel life is more confusing than it was 10 years ago (47%)

* Lie awake at night trying to make decisions (42%)

The report also shows that nearly half of all Brits (47%) confessed even little decisions can be hard to make, largely caused by an overwhelming amount of choices hindering the ability to make decisions quickly and confidently.

The extensive research has also identified a term for this state, dubbed the ‘Indeciders’ – collectively described as “a group of individuals suffering high levels of confusion whilst displaying an inability to be decisive, leading in some cases to depression.”

Professor Harriet Bradley from the University of Bristol comments:

“With a constant stream of new media, daily technological advancements and aggressive multimedia advertising, it’s no wonder that over half of Britain thinks life is more confusing for them than it is for their parents. We really are becoming a nation of ‘indeciders.“

It is not only the ‘big’ areas of life that are causing confusion. Although politics is the area people find most confusing, with 65% of the UK reporting confusion over the policies of major political parties, the survey also found 69% of the country failed to understand bankers’ bonuses and interest rates. What to wear at certain occasions, predictive text and flat pack furniture were also identified as key areas of confusion.

The report also revealed:

* Women are more prone to confusion than men, with 84% admitting to experiencing confusion, compared with 72% of men

* Those from Northern Ireland are the least confused in the UK, compared with Wales, which is the most confused region

* The most confused person in Britain is likely to be a 17 year old girl living in Cardiff, whereas the least confused person is likely to be a 60 year old man living in Edinburgh

Interestingly, the report shows that confusion actually decreases with age as people gain experience and confidence. Young people, who face many life changing choices at an early stage were also more confused about priorities and major life issues; nearly half of Brits aged 18-24 said they lay awake agonising over choices, compared to 34% of those aged 55-64.

In direct response to these insights, Confused Nation is here to help you deal with decision crises, providing real life problem solving advice from leading psychologist Dr Peter Collett.

Dr Peter Collett, says:

“Confusion is so severe that psychologists have recently upgraded confusion to a fully-fledged emotion. 80% of the UK suffers from confusion at some point but in varying ways as individuals.”


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