Cats & Dogs

I’m starting to notice a trend.

Animals are hugely affecting our spending. Whether it’s the infamous meerkats making you fall in love with insurance or monkeys making you buy tea, we’ve always had our easily lead consumer heart strings pulled by our furry friends.

One of our clients at Cake, IKEA, recently launch an advertising campaign consisting of 100 cats being let loose in their Wembly store. The advert’s success speaks for it’s self in the amazing viewing figures. Having been launched online on a wet Friday afternoon, over the course of the weekend and a few air plays in X Factor intervals, the video racked up a superb 1,700,000 youtube hits in 4 days.

Take a look at it here:

Today I cam across the fantastic band OK GO’s latest video feature more four legged friends. The indie band have never failed to create original and entertaining music videos. Take a look here:

But what’s next? Sugababes recruit a new member in the form of a Shetland pony? Budgies selling mobile phones?

Whatever the future of animal advertising holds, it is sure to be very cute.


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