Fashion Weak

All eyes will be firmly on the UK as the capital hosts London Fashion Week 2010 this week.  Acknowledged as one of the fashion destinations of the world, new research released today by actually finds we’re a nation flummoxed by fashion, with over half (67%) of the UK confused by the expression ‘smart/casual.‘

The commonly used term was not the only fashion dilemma faced by Brits, research also uncovered a string of cringe worthy fashion blunders with 53% confessing to having turned up at a social engagement embarrassed about being inappropriately dressed.

Furthermore, despite a host of Brit-led international acclaimed designers, including Matthew Williamson and Vivienne Westwood, 66% of the UK is confused at what the latest fashions are. It paints a rather grey picture for the UK in the wake of one of the biggest weeks in fashion; it appears Brits have lost the thread when it comes to clothes.

The ‘Confused Nation’ report, developed by, reveals the nation’s current attitude towards modern society. The findings feature on, a website developed to help bring clarity to baffled Brits, which hosts the UK’s first ever real-time twitter map revealing what UK twitter users are most confused about in the world of fashion.

Kelly Davies from explains, “I’m sure we can all recall a particular fashion faux pas, it’s refreshing to find we’re not alone but stressful nevertheless, fashion can be confusing with all the latest styles and trends to consider. We can’t offer you Gok Wan on speed dial but can offer ways to deal with confusion.”


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