As the summer period comes to a close, many Brits have already started planning for next year’s holiday and that’s because nearly half of holiday goers (42%) admit to regretting their destination decisions this year.

A study from Confused.com can reveal that the language barrier is a big set back for many Brits abroad, with nine out of ten people baffled by how to communicate with the locals. In true British style one of our biggest frustrations is due to our stomachs. Not knowing how to order food and translate menus is leaving 84% of us stressed and hungry. But it’s not just the food, trying to pay the bill is also a tense experience with foreign currency leaving 75% of us in despair – especially the etiquette when it comes to tipping abroad.

And holidays are causing Brits huge anxiety before having even got off the ground. The startling results from Confused.com uncovers that over half of UK holiday goers (58%) are in fact bewildered by booking a holiday and therefore needing months to decide and plan where to go.

Preparing for a holiday is another minefield, as over half of travellers (59%) cannot even decide what to pack in their suitcase – which has become increasingly difficult, especially in terms of hand luggage, due to tighter restrictions from holiday companies. Finding out the correct baggage allowance has 69% of Brits’ speedos and bikinis in a twist.

Airports, with their vast number of shops and food outlets are filling us with stress and worry – nearly half of us (42%) aren’t even sure how much time to allow before a flight and don’t know when to arrive at the airport.

The ‘Confused Nation’ report developed by Confused.com, reveals the current attitude towards modern society. The findings feature on www.confusednation.co.uk, a website developed to help bring clarity to baffled Brits, plus hosts the UK’s first ever real-time twitter map revealing what UK twitter users are most confused about.

Kelly Davies from Confused.com explains, “We spend all year planning for and anticipating our holiday, yet our research has shown they are sometimes far from being filled with relaxation and peace of mind! Planning ahead is the key to dealing with these issues – that’s why we’ve developed confusednation.co.uk, a tool to hopefully provide some clarity to people’s everyday problems.”


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