I’m getting turned on for X-Factor

At 6pm on Saturday 2nd October, UK homes will be switching on their heating for the first time this year according to Confused.com

Research reveals that the average Brit will turn their heating on for the first time this Saturday 2nd October.  At exactly 6pm households will turn up the heat just in time for the X Factor, swapping a night out for a night on the sofa.

According to research from Confused.com, 46% of Brits will opt to spend evenings at home in front of the TV from this weekend as the cold, dark nights draw in so it’s a good time to search for the best deals on energy tariffs. In a bid to keep warm, the average homeowner will crank up the heat to 22.6 degrees in the winter months, making UK homes hotter than Miami!

The big heating switch on is likely to send fuel bills soaring so money conscious Brits might think twice as data reveals turning the thermostat down by 1% can cut fuel bills by 10%*. Research by the comparison website revealed one in ten households leave their heating on all day to return to a warm house after work, with nearly one in four confessing they leave it on all day for their four legged friends.

Gareth Kloet, Head of Energy at Confused.com says, “73% of the UK hesitates switching on their heating because of the rising cost of bills, but homeowners don’t have to reach boiling point. Now is the time to look at what you’re paying for your energy, and consider shopping around for a better deal. It’s OK to put the heating on but just be mindful of cranking up that thermostat! Simple things like making sure your doors are closed can be an effective way of retaining heat whilst keeping your fuel bills low.  It’s about being savvy and making sure you search for competitive prices.’

Research also identified other popular methods adopted by the UK to battle the winter chills. Nearly three quarters of the UK (70%) reach for extra jumpers, over half of the UK (54%) will switch on the kettle more regularly for a hot drink and nearly half will seek warmth in a cuddle with a loved one.


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