Tamara Drewe

Leicester Square was decorated with all the glamour of the countryside on Wednesday 7th September for the premiere of new Brit flick Tamara Drewe. The showbiz carpet was decked out like a country lane with fences, grass mounds and even pink cows!

The stars of the film flocked to the premiere, including the suave Dominic Cooper in a classic black suit and tie combo, Green Wing’s elegant Tamsin Greig and the stunning star of the film Gemma Arterton. The incredibly beautiful Gemma Arterton was dressed in a stunning cream strapless gown, with modest make up and her hair pulled back. Gemma plays a beautiful London journalist who returns to her sleepy Dorset village and begins to stir havoc.

Gemma described her character as “a femme fatale but she’s really lost, she’s desperate, she’s a very modern woman. I know a lot of women like Tamara Drewe.”

The film had all the charm of Posy Simmond’s original graphic novel, which was a reworking of Thomas Hardy’s novel Far From the Madding Crowd. The superb script writing entwined with the much loved British wit and dark humour made it a hugely entertaining film.

The ugly duckling story rings very true to me. Having grew up in a beautiful Hampshire village, where I was a bullied, spotty, unpopular, academic teenager I shared Tamara’s quest for a life in the bright lights of London, a career in the media and having a famous boyfriend. After 4 years away I struggle with returning. All the memories of feeling out of place, having my ambitions restricted due to the lack of opportunities and not being surrounded by like minded people make it hard for me to go stay for any length of time.

Like Tamara, I have always wanted the best of life, and refuse to settle for less. However what she learns is that sometimes, the good things that truely matter are those right under your nose. Tamara Drewe is a film of self-discovery and finding love. From hilarious school girl obsessions, the excitement of dating bad boy rockstars to cheating spouses; the film encompasses the full spectrum of love thoughout the different eras of our lifes.


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