Whip My Hair

She’s nine.

She has outrageously talented and successful parents.

She has style and swagger by the bucketful and wears the most incredible outfits.

And to top it off has just recorded her horrendously catchy debut single.

Willow’s the Diva to Justin’s Biebers.

Willow Smith may not be able to sit in the front seat of a car, still needs a baby sitter and milk is the only white stuff she’ll be getting caught with; but she has proven that, kids know how to rock.

This recent wave of pint-sized pop stars, is nothing new. Growing up I was dancing along to the Disney Club’s future stars and listening to teeny boppers Aaron Carter and Mandy Moore, who the US music industry’s next big young stars. For my parents it was pre-pubescents such as Michael Jackson and Donny Osmond singing on the air waves.

In the UK also we have teen girl bands like B*Witched, Cleopatra and Billie Piper; plus Charlotte Church was only 14 when she had her first song out. Moreover, remember little cute gap-teethed Connie from Britain’s Got Talent, the British nation love a innocent uncorrupted set of vocals and her smile won the heart of the nation.

However, what makes Willow different is that she appears t be calling the shots in her career. Her confidence and self style has seen her become an idol in the US and for moths has been appearing on red carpets and fashion shows with her parents. Her father, the hunky Will ‘Fresh Prince’ Smith was also a young actor and singer, has had an incredible career and likewise her mother Jada Pinkett Smith is not only an acclaimed actress but also a furious business woman and positive role model for young black women. These genes combines, Willow is a deadly force whipping up a storm in the music industry.

Clip in your weave boys and girls, and expect to WHIP IT!


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