Coat Hangers

I am a huge fan of H&M. If you ever see me you can pretty much guarantee an item of my clothing is from there, if not the whole outfit. I love the colours, the cuts and the really affordable price. I am able to mix and match items and stylishly layer up for the winter.

With party season approaching I headed into my local H&M store to look for a new suit. I found a lovely grey blazer, perfect for my pending work Christmas party.

I also found a few other lovely items such as a vintage Mickey Mouse t-shirt and new scarf. As the lady scanned in my items, took out the security tag and begun putting them in the bag I asked if I could keep the hanger for the jacket.

Her reply was, “No, it’s not company policy.”

Excuse me? Since when have shops turned down taking home a hanger? I only wanted one and I was buying an expensive blazer, so how did she expect me to store it at home? As a regular shopper at H&M never have I been turned down from taking a hanger home with me to hang up their clothes.

Ice-cream men don’t ask for the cone back when you’ve finished eating. Sainsbury’s don’t demand you return their carrier bags.

In protest I therefore told the assistant I no longer wanted to purchase the blazer if I couldn’t have a coat hanger to hang it on when I got home. She rolled her eyes and cancelled the transaction. I never received an explanation or apology why that was the store policy, I simply received shrugged shoulders from a jumped up student.

As I left the shop with my no-coat-hanger-required purchases I felt the sudden urge to rebel further. Out of the corner of my eye I saw an unattended coat hanger, just hanging there, hanging about up to no good.

As quick as a kleptomaniac on crack, I unhooked the coat hanger from the rail and stuffed it into my carrier bag en route out of store.

I have been reduced to becoming a coat hanger thief. Take THAT H&M!


3 thoughts on “Coat Hangers

  1. My wardrobe is FULL of H&M hangers because, as you may guess, the girl at the cash desk said “yes” when I asked if I could keep it.

    There is no such store policy. You got duped.

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