I Am Here – Kelli-Leigh & Keir Moore (Acoustic)

The other week I was lucky enough to catch the gorgeous Kelli-Leigh performing an intimate gig in Camden. My word, her voice is incredible. With the soul of Alicia Keys and power of Kelly Clarkson, Kelli-Leigh is tipped to be a chart sensation.

Kelli’s powerful, yet tender vocals are partnered beautifully by her meaningful and emotional lyrics. Her cleverly named track  ‘Dick-matized’ being a favourite of mine, for obviously pun related reasons. The acoustic version of ‘I Am Here’ featured above shows off the range of her voice through the songs smooth, delicate melody and punchy chorus.

I can imagine this song being turned up on the radio and sung by broken-hearted teenage girls across the country. It’s a song with a message and sung with a hope. The next big American teen series could very appropriately feature this track over an angst ridden scene.

Her stunning looks could, and have, had her mistaken for Kelly Rowland. Not bad eh?

Kellli-Leigh will be performing in front of the Christmas Tree this Thursday 2nd December in Covent Garden Piazza. She’ll be on stage at 5.50pm, so come down and check out her set with Keir Moore & Josh Drewe.  She is also planning to do a very special romantic christmas cover!

See more of Kelli-Leigh’s amazing work at her website and on youtube.


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