Personalities unwrapped

You may want to think twice before wrapping your presents this year, as the way you adorn your gifts could be more revealing than you think.

Home furnishings company IKEA, has been preparing for all festivities, not forgetting the all-important wrapping of Christmas presents. By teaming up with psychologist Donna Dawson, IKEA reveals what your present wrapping style says about your personality.

“The ways in which we physically do things are often the perfect barometer for our personality traits,” says Donna. “By researching these wrapping styles it is clear there is a correlation between how people wrap their gifts and what type of character they are.”

Donna details these wrapping characters in six distinct categories:

The ‘Green’ Wrapper

The Green Wrapper only uses recycled paper that has been made of trees from sustainable sources. They may even use a fallen leaf as a gift tag and will probably be found foraging in the back of cupboards to use recycled string as ribbon. This wrapper is thoughtful, caring and always leads by example. The wrapper’s friends value their down-to-earth approach and sensible advice. Perhaps the only drawback is they can be a bit of a nag about ‘doing the right thing’!

Celebrity wrap-a-like: Hugh Fernley Whittingstall / Alan Titchmarsh

The ‘Fashionista’ Wrapper

For the Fashionista Wrapper only the most expensive paper and ribbon will do. They will often use this season’s patterns straight from the catwalk, for example tartan and metallics. This person judges everything by appearance, including them self. They are charming and sociable, competitive and critical, but deep down they feel insecure and constantly worry about what others think of them.

Celebrity wrap-a-like: Gok Wan / Henry Holland

The ‘Creative’ Wrapper

For this person, gift-wrapping is an imaginative challenge. Each gift is a piece of artwork and treated as such. The Creative Wrapper has a strong imagination, creative flair and a good sense of humour. They are sociable, outgoing and understands each of their friends’ personalities, choosing gifts to appeal to their individual quirks. When wrapping for a husband or wife the creative wrapper will have romance on their mind. They will use heart paper and will write a love poem on the gift tag.

Celebrity wrap-a-like: Kristy Allsopp / Lady Gaga

The ‘Scrooge’ Wrapper:

This wrapper doesn’t believe in spending money on non-essentials such as wrapping paper. Instead they will use whatever they can find from around the house, for example newspaper and recycled gift tags from the year before. This person is frugal, cautious and conservative by nature, and they are reluctant to spend money, even when they have it. This wrapper does their best to recycle unwanted presents from previous years.

Celebrity wrap-a-like: The Grinch

The ‘Lazy’ Wrapper

This wrapping personality is usually a single man and will leave everything until the last minute. They are likely to be rushing around looking for paper in a petrol station or will even use birthday paper as a substitute. They will cover mistakes with sellotape, wound tightly around both ends of the gift. The ‘smarter’ wrappers of this type will find a gift-wrapping service to help out, but the majority will often leave the whole buying and wrapping until Christmas Eve.

Celebrity wrap-a-like: Homer Simpson

The ‘Conscientious’ Wrapper

This wrapper has bought their gifts way in advance. The paper is mathematically measured out with a ruler and a pencil according to the size of the gift, and cut precisely on the lines made. To this person, the presents are seen as additional decorations, which sit under the tree. They thrive on routine, and do not like surprises; this wrapper needs to remember that spontaneity can be fun, and that a little mess is not the end of the world!

Celebrity wrap-a-like: Carol Vordaman / Emma Watson

Carole Reddish, Deputy MD of IKEA UK & Ireland says;“As well as being a destination for extra dining chairs, festive place settings and sleeping solutions for Christmas guests, IKEA can help you prepare for the festivities by ensuring you have everything you need to wrap the perfect Christmas gift.  With our great range of festive paper, ribbons, bags, gift tags and top wrapping tips there is something for everyone’.

To ensure your wrapping style says exactly what you want about your personality, IKEA have put together some useful tips on gift-wrapping. So why not make the most it – grab a glass of Christmas GLÖGG (Swedish spiced wine) and enjoy this year’s wrapping experience!

Have a look at some handy hints below:

Top Tips on Christmas Gift Wrapping from IKEA:

* The most important thing is patience!
* Decide before you start how much paper you’ll need
* Choose unique paper that oozes of your personality
* Always cut small pieces of cello-tape as they will show less on the finished gift
* Firmly crease the paper to ensure it stays put
* Ribbon is great to cover those mistakes!

To find out more on how to make this year’s gift-wrapping as smooth as possible, visit to get some top tips.


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