Come Dine With ME!

Popular  Channel 4  show Come Dine With Me, has announced the launch of a brand new iPhone app that allows fans to experience being part of the show without actually appearing on it.

Available to download from itunes for just £1.79, the must-have iPhone app will feature Hardys wine pairing alongside recipe suggestions. Wine tasting tutorials will also enable users to act as a true wine connoisseur whilst hosting a successful dinner party.

The app also offers fans of the show sophisticated three course meal menu options, the ability to create a shopping list for ingredients, plus a scoring system so guests can rate the success of their host’s efforts.

As a quirky added extra, the app features many classic quotes from the show’s resident narrator, Dave Lamb, who adds his much-loved comedy quips to your very own Come Dine With Me experience.

Helen Warner, Channel 4’s Head of Daytime, said: ‘ We are really excited to be able to give fans of the show an opportunity to be part of Come Dine With Me and experience the trials and tribulations that contestants have to go through when hosting their own dinner party. What better way to do it than with a helping hand on recipe and wine choices, scoring systems and a few choice comments from our very own Dave Lamb?’


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